Zinger Essentials! Re-Energize Your Kitchen with Karma

By Deborah Anzinger, Home Economist

Are you feeling a little sluggish, slow and slothy?
Re-Energize Your Kitchen Karma. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Decide to value the time spent in your kitchen
  • Set a goal for flavour, texture, colour and freshness
  • Remember how many favorite life memories surround food
  • Think plants daily
  • Think local, regional, seasonal
  • All or Nothing does not apply
  • Plan, Delegate and Have Fun

Zinger Essentials Summer

Zinger Essentials Spring

Deborah Anzinger is a Home Economist in Alberta. You can learn more about here book COOK! at her website, ZingerEssentials. You can also check out Deborah’s blog or follow her on Twitter.