The Benefits of Social Media Part I


It has finally come to the point where we can’t ignore social media any further. Regardless of all the bad press spread around such social media goliath’s as Facebook we must remind ourselves that our experience in such networks are influenced by our own actions and what we make of it. You may find there is more practical uses that you can find below.

Easy to Use & Free + Tools

First and foremost, Facebook is absolutely FREE, there is no cost attached to this service, and it could do you and your business wonders when it comes to client relations. It’s not only easy to set up, but Facebook provides a variety of tools, such as the ability to create groups and fan pages. Through these venues you can create a constant connection to your clients through text, video and photos.  There are even outside companies that provide paid services to aid in expanding your possibilities outside of the basic Facebook framework.

Online Presence

Facebook eliminates the need to have a website as your online presence. Yet again this is completely FREE advertising for you. There is no arguing with facts, with 750 million+ users Facebook is the largest social network out there! There will be no limit to creating connections with family and friends but future business partners as well.


With such a huge following it is no wonder that Facebook has become the mother connection on the web. Once you have a Facebook account you now can seamlessly connect to all other social media. Tired of having a plethora of user names? Trying to keep track of all those passwords? You can now simply register at new sites in two seconds by logging in with your Facebook account.

Some popular sites include: Pinterest, Twitter, Skype

Facebook is now fluid with mobile, you can move with ease from sharing an interesting blog post, image, or tweet to talking on live video with Skype or converse over what feels quite similar to your current email client.

Keep Up, and Reap the Benefits

Do you like to shop? Enter contests? Have a favourite musician? Facebook makes it easy for you to keep up to date with an instant newsfeed. You choose what items populate it, allowing you to keep up with the latests news or deals. Worry that you will be constantly spammed? Facebook uses smart capabilities to figure out which pages you visit most, and what you react to. If you simply like a page and rarely interact with it, Facebook is less likely to share information on that subject in your newsfeed.  This feature turns your main page into your own personal news reel.

How do I get started? What else is out there?

Want to learn more about Facebook or think Facebook isn’t right for you? Keep following these posts in the coming weeks to find out more about Facebook other popular social networking sites such as: Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest.


Originally posted on The Social Media Loft.

Stephanie Andrews is currently a Graphic Designer/Web Devloper for Ricki’s a women’s fashion retailer located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. As of 2011 she completed her degree at ACAD [Alberta College of Art & Design] with a major in MADT [Media Arts and Digital Technologies]. In her free time she works on developing her videography skills and updating her fashion blog. To view her latest work visit: