Let’s plan a Gingerbread House Party!

Gingerbread Houses and Gingerbread Men cookies are a time honoured family tradition in our home during the holidays. Children and adults of all ages love to decorate a Gingerbread House and Gingerbread men cookies. Why not invite a few family members like nieces, nephews or grandchildren or have a few of your child’s friends or neighbours over to decorate gingerbread? That part we how to prepare for: make the gingerbread shapes in advance, have lots of icing and bowls and bowls of candy! Now let’s take this theme to the next level by creating homemade party invitations to hand out. This hands-on craft will build excitement as you include your children in the preparations.

Gingerbread House invitation

  • Using left over brown compost bags from your fall yard clean up, draw the shape of a house with a chimney and cut it out.
  • Using white paper or felt cut out a snow covered roof and glue it to the brown paper house.
  • Draw on a window and door with a black marker. Decorate the house by using colourful markers or gluing on decorations and colourful pieces of felt.
  • On the back of the house can be all of the party information, including the date, time and location of your party and don’t forget who your guests should RSVP to.
  • Deliver the gingerbread men invitations to your guests.
  • You will need to repeat these steps until you have made enough invitations for your guests.

Gingerbread person invitation

  • Draw your favourite shape of gingerbread person on a brown paper bag or roll of brown craft paper or find a template that you like online. The template should be large enough to be able to write the details of the party on it. Make sure to make enough invitations for your guests.
  • Cut out the people using pinking shears or decorative edge scissors.
  • Draw a face with colourful markers or glue on decorations .
  • Include the date, time and location of your party and don’t forget who your guests should RSVP to.
  • Deliver the gingerbread men invitations to your guests.

Here are a few crafts to take home as party favours. Not every guest will try to “glue” every candy onto their house or cookie so you may need to keep some idle hands busy with this craft.

Gingerbread Man paper doll garland family

You can create this sweet garland of paper-doll-style gingerbread boys & girls by using a brown paper grocery bag or brown craft paper, scissors and some crayons. Each child could customize their garland to represent their very own family or group of friends.

  • Open the paper bag flat and cut into strips as tall as you want your gingerbread people to be.
  • Accordion-fold each strip of paper, making the folds the width of your gingerbread man template. Or you could use a cookie cutter to draw or trace a gingerbread shape onto the top of the folded strip.
  • Cut around the shape (this is a grown-up job!) but remember not to cut any parts that are on the folded sides, in this case the ends of the arms and legs. Unfold and see the string of gingerbread people holding hands!
  • Now your guests can start decorating! Use crayons or washable markers to create your family of gingerbread people or your very own circle of friends.

 Gingerbread person tree ornaments

Use the same steps to make the gingerbread person invitations but his time you can punch a hole in the top of the head and string a festive ribbon or sting of twine through for a more rustic look. Have different buttons, stickers, sparkle blue, markers and other stick on decorations that could be used to create your own one of a kind tree ornament.

Developed by Myrna Grahn, PHEc