5 Reasons Why You Should Actively Commute

Now that warmer temperatures have arrived, why not lace up your sneakers and actively commute to work or school?

What is active commuting? – Active commuting is the process of getting to work by bike, foot, or any other means by which you are exerting some physical effort (i.e. walk, bike, run, snowshoe, inline skate, and ice skate)

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider incorporating active commuting into your lifestyle:

  1. Saves money.

Active commuting can help you save money in a lot of different ways including saving on gas money and parking at work. If you start to use active commuting every day you can also save money on car insurance by registering as a leisure vehicle.

  1. Helps you get your exercise in for the day.

Most of us don’t reach our 10,000 steps or 30 minutes of activity for the day. Incorporating a half hour bike or walk to work will help us get there!

  1. Explore new areas and see new things.

You can see a lot more on a walking path or bike path than you can from a car. You can cross a frozen river, you can walk along a path and see baby ducks and geese swimming in the water and you can even explore a whole new-to-you neighbourhood. The outdoors is beautiful!

  1. Because you can!

YOU can, yes you! Maybe you do live within walking or biking distance from work, what’s holding you back? If you can do it maybe you should try it out once or twice. If you don’t feel like walking maybe try biking or inline skating – the types of active transportation are endless! Snowshoes anyone?

Telecommuting is also a way to commute to work. You can also incorporate a lunch time exercise session while working from home.

  1. Good for the environment

Above all, active committing is great for the environment. By joining in you can better your own health as well as the health of the planet by consuming less fuel and producing less pollution.

Small contributions do add up, even just adding a once a week active commute is better than none at all. How many days a week can you actively commute?

Melissa Gabbs is a professional home economist based out of Winnipeg. 

Updated October 2020