2016 Distinguished Home Economist Award winner profile – Mona Cornock

The Distinguished Home Economist Award is an award bestowed annually to recognize Professional Home Economists who have contributed significantly to the professional association. The requirements for the Distinguished Home Economist Award are that they have participated in the professional association, have advanced the development of MAHE and have demonstrated leadership and enthusiasm for the human ecology/home economics profession.

Mona Cornock has been a member of the association since graduating from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Home Economics. She was a member of the Southwest branch executive including serving a term as President, the MAHE Provincial board, and has continued to participate on various committees since then. Her skills and experience have assisted in well managed projects, conferences being planned, international contacts being established for international work, just to name a few. She has been instrumental in helping to guide MAHE forward with strategic planning and direction.

Mona continues to advance the development of MAHE in many ways. She has recently initiated contact with Brandon University regarding the possibility of establishing a Human Ecology or Home Economics program there, she was an active participant in recent events including Days for Girls and World Home Economics Day, and as superintendent of Agricultural Societies she has also made the connection with the Association regarding their home craft judges list and recommended Professional Home Economists as appropriate credentials to use for employing judges in the home living sections.

Mona is also an active leader in the community which also serves to model the skills that home economists possess. Her experience in the community includes the Brandon Chamber of Commerce, Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba Winter Fair volunteer, ACC Rural Development advisory committee, YWCA Women of Distinction Selection Committee, Keystone Centre Board of Directors, Dance Images Productions co-founder, 4-H Leader, various curling event Director of transportation and more. She has also served on numerous international programs including the Canadian Society of Extension including instrumental work with the Tanzania Society of Ag Education and Extension twinning project, Agricultural Institute of Canada and the Canadian Agricultural and Extension Society.

Her current work as a director in the Indigenous and Municipal Relations Department of the Manitoba provincial government allows her to use her home economics skills every day. Much like the changes that MAHE has gone through the years, Mona has adapted and moved forward. We are very proud of her lifetime of work with MAHE and are proud to award her the Distinguished Home Economist Award for 2016.

Submitted by Tricia Meaud, PHEc