Updated December 7, 2020

Contributors to the H&F Hub must have post-secondary education in a Human Ecology-related field of study.

Articles are original content and topics must adhere to the following criteria:

  1. Current home economics information that is relevant to people living in Canada.
  2. Information and content that supports the mission of the Manitoba Association of Home Economists (MAHE) in improving quality of life for individuals, families and/or communities.
  3. Support the profession of home economists as highly skilled professionals in the community.

Note about re-sharing of 3rd party content:

If a contributor would like to share/review information developed by a 3rd party:

  • The three primary blog post article topic criteria must still be met
  • Original content must be sourced from a credible professional or organization
  • Contributor is encouraged to expand on /explain why the information being shared is relevant to the Home & Family consumer audience
  • Proper reference / credit must be given to original source

Technical requirements for all posts:

  • Length should be 100-500 words, written in precise clear wording
  • Submitted in Microsoft Word, Google docs or similar format
  • Proofread carefully and edited before submitting
  • Title that is related to the topic for blog sort/searchability
  • Include photo or graphic in gif/tif/jpeg format. It is the responsibility of the contributor to ensure proper permission to use image/graphic. Royalty free photos and good quality photos taken by the contributor are suggested.
  • Author must provide a short bio (no more than 50 words) including professional designations, work/history information and/or reason for their authority on the subject matter.

All posts are subject to editing by the administrator. If you would like to contribute to the Home & Family content through the H&F Hub, submit your article for consideration to .