What is a “Home Economist”?

Home economists are university graduates. Depending on the university the program of study may be called Home Economics, Human Ecology, Family Studies, Nutrition and Food Sciences or Consumer Studies.

What do Home Economists do?

Training and specialization differ but home economists generally have training and experience in money management, consumer education, food, nutrition, housing, clothing, textiles, family studies and human development.

You may find a home economist working

In Business as:

  • Food consultant
  • Consumer service manager
  • Fashion or textiles designer
  • Product manager
  • Store buyer
  • Journalist
  • Recipe developer
  • Product promoter
  • Financial planner
  • Media commentator
  • Food stylist
  • Administrator

In a Community Agency as:

  • Volunteer coordinator
  • Family outreach worker
  • Life skills facilitator
  • Rehabilitation worker
  • Consumer advocate

In the Health Care Field as:

  • Dietitian
  • Nutritionist
  • Coordinator of health education

In Education as:

  • Teacher
  • College instructor
  • University professor
  • Adult educator
  • Administrator

In Government as:

  • Financial counselor
  • Museum curator
  • Nutritionist
  • Marketing specialist
  • Health Educator

In Research as:

  • Product development officer
  • Food or textile scientist
  • Researcher in human development


  • Many home economists work in the voluntary sector in their communities. You will often find them working in activities supporting the family.

Looking for Clues? Look for the Ring

Home economists usually wear a gold band on the little finger of the working hand.

Updated September 2020