70 Ways To Show Kids You Care

Hang this list on your fridge and check off an item at a time, as you make a difference in a child’s life.

  1. Notice them.
  2. Acknowledge them.
  3. Learn their names.
  4. Remember their birthdays.
  5. Ask them about themselves.
  6. Look in their eyes when you talk to them.
  7. Say yes a lot.
  8. Tell them their feelings are okay.
  9. Be yourself.
  10. Be honest.
  11. Notice when they are acting differently.
  12. Listen to their stories.
  13. Delight in their discoveries.
  14. Share their excitement.
  15. Send them a letter or postcard.
  16. Notice when they’re absent.
  17. Give them space when they need it.
  18. Contribute to their collections.
  19. Discuss their dreams and nightmares.
  20. Kneel, squat or sit so you’re at their eye level.
  21. Answer their questions.
  22. Use your ears more than your mouth.
  23. Learn what they have to teach.
  24. Find a common interest.
  25. Make yourself available.
  26. Thank them.
  27. Clip magazine pictures or articles that interest them.
  28. Give them lots of compliments.
  29. Show up at their concerts, games and events.
  30. Wave and smile when you part.
  31. Ask for their opinion.
  32. Be curious with them.
  33. Introduce them to your friends and family.
  34. Let them solve most of their own problems.
  35. Meet their friends.
  36. Let them tell you how they feel.
  37. Help them become an expert at something.
  38. Be relaxed when you see them.
  39. Tell them about yourself.
  40. Praise more, criticize less.
  41. Admit when you make a mistake.
  42. Find them a special nickname.
  43. Ask them to help you.
  44. Believe in them.
  45. Nurture them with good food, good words and good fun.
  46. Delight in their uniqueness.
  47. Notice when they grow.
  48. Wave and honk when you drive by them.
  49. Include them in conversations.
  50. Join in their adventures.
  51. Help them learn something new.
  52. Be understanding when they have a difficult day.
  53. Give them good choices.
  54. Respect the choices they make.
  55. Be silly together.
  56. Make time to be with them.
  57. Accept them as they are.
  58. Become their advocate.
  59. Share a secret.
  60. Help them learn from mistakes.
  61. Be sincere.
  62. Cheer their accomplishments.
  63. Encourage them to help others.
  64. Do what they like to do.
  65. Celebrate their first and lasts, such as the first day of school.
  66. Go places together.
  67. Welcome their suggestions.
  68. Share a meal together.
  69. Expect their best; don’t expect perfection.
  70. Love them, no matter what.

Taken from 150 Ways To Show Kids You Care, written by Jolene Roehikepartain for Search Institute.


By Alma Copeland