Clothing TLC: General Clothing Care

General Clothing Care
  • Dry rain-dampened clothes before returning to closet or drawers
  • Hang clothes up immediately after you take them off.
  • Fold sweaters carefully and place in drawer.
  • Combination shirt/shirt hangers or multiple skirt hangers will save closet space.
  • Padded or wooden hangers will help retain shape of garments.
  • Remove stains promptly to prevent them from becoming set.
  • Avoid perspiration stains by using an antiperspirant.
  • Mend clothes regularly to prevent drooping hems and loss of buttons.
  • Clothing that isn’t being worn should be stored in dust-proof and water-proof containers.
  • Store clean, out-of-season garments in moth-proof containers.
  • Wash “washables” as they need it and send “non-washables” to the drycleaners.
  • Save labels from new garments and follow laundering instructions carefully.
  • Wear a protective covering when cooking or doing work that may stain or damage clothing.