Grapes Or Virginia Creeper

By Getty Stewart, Professional Home Economist

Ever wonder about the difference between a grape vine and a virgina creeper?

Before you taste test those dark blue berries, be sure you know the difference because while grapes are edible, virginia creeper berries are not.

Here are some photos to help you distinguish between the two:

Virginia Creeper (leaves distinct leaflets)
Grapes (one solid leaf)
Virginia Creeper

If you have grapes, Fruit Share would love to come and harvest them.  If you have Virginia Creepers, leave them for the birds.


Getty Stewart is a Winnipeg-based Professional Home Economist passionate about connecting people with local fruits and veggies.  She is founder of Fruit Share, a volunteer run fruit rescuing program in Winnipeg, and blogger of VeggieDelight, a blog about gardening on the banks of the Red River. She is also Past President of the Manitoba Association of Home Economists.