MAHE Board Member Interview: Alison Delf-Timmerman

We’re back for another instalment of our MAHE Board Member Interview series. Today we’re talking with Alison Delf-Timmerman the Director of Internal Affairs.

Alison DT

Who are you and what do you do?

Alison Delf-Timmerman – married to an agronomist who specializes in soil and water quality and have 2 daughters – one in grade 11 and one going off to pursue studies and play on Saint Mary’s University hockey team in Halifax, NS.

Live in the country on our family’s farm which consists of a 5 acre saskatoon orchard yielding 3 types of berries in mid to late July; crop land and pasture for cattle.

Home Economics Educator and Guidance Counsellor from K-12 in Treherne, MB who coaches cross country, curling and girls fastpitch; I teach in all three areas of home economics in a high school with a population just under 90 students from 9-12.

Enjoy hosting events for family and friends and the outdoors in the summer while in the winter I spend time curling and cheering on hockey teams. I am interested in technology and spend time dabbling with it to see how it can apply to my work and business.

I am an active volunteer in my small rural community and help organize the local fundraisers and chair the committee of the local Farmers’ Market held weekly during the summer months.

I have held various positions on the MAHE Board in the past and currently am in the second year term as the Director of Internal Affairs. During this time I have been involved with the curriculum renewal initiative with the Government of Manitoba and have just seen the release of the document for the Grades 5-8 program for Human Ecology. I anticipate another opportunity to work on the senior high program in the near future.

I am an active member of MHETA (Manitoba Home Economics Teachers’ Association) and have served as its President in the past and now liaison with the group about MAHE. This is a special area group of educators (SAGE) under the auspices of the Manitoba Teachers’ Society offering newsletters and a variety of professional development sessions throughout the year. It’s a great way to gather ideas for the classroom and bounce ideas off of others working in the classroom, especially when you are the only home ec educator in a school or perhaps a division.


How long have you been a MAHE member?

Joined MAHE in 1990 as a student in my final year of the comprehensive integrated program at the University of Manitoba


What do you enjoy most about being a MAHE member?

The opportunity to meet other professionals in a variety of areas who work as a home economist. The areas of employment are so varied and they are a genuinely caring group of people.   I am always able to come away knowing something new that can support my career and life in general.

The volunteer opportunities enable me to learn so much about the profession too. I see it as work but also as ongoing professional development that sustains our well-being as a recognizable body in the legislature that boasts a designation of PHEc.


What piece of advice could you offer to new PHEc’s or IPHE’s?

Keep an open mind for you never know what may come your way in life be it personal or professional. There are times when we must look after ourselves and limit what we undertake so as to do a good job but there are also times when the rewards of giving provide an individual with payback that has no price tag!


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