Winter Power Outage Safety

If the lights go out this winter…

Winter is unpredictable and storms can disrupt electrical service without warning. Your power may be off for a few hours or, in extreme cases, a few days. Be prepared in case your power goes out this winter.

• Assemble an emergency kit and store it where it will be easy to find in the dark. Include items like a flashlight with extra batteries, candles, matches and a portable radio.

• If your power goes out, check if your neighbours have electricity. If they have power, check all fuses or circuit breakers to rule out electricity issues inside your home.

• Once you’re sure it’s an outage, report it to Manitoba Hydro at 1-888-MBHYDRO.

• If you use a mobile device, you can follow Manitoba Hydro on Twitter to receive power outage updates.

• Never use a barbecue or generator while indoors or in a confined space. They can create dangerous levels of toxic carbon monoxide very quickly. This also applies to any other fuelburning equipment that is not connected to a chimney or vent.

• Turn off all electrical appliances when your power goes out. Pay special attention to those you may have been using when the power went out – like the stove or oven.

• Unplug electronic equipment to protect it from a voltage surge when power is restored.

• Keep one light turned on, so you will know when the electricity is back on.

• If you see a downed power line, report it to Manitoba Hydro immediately.

• Know that in the event of a power outage, emergency crews are working as quickly as possible to restore your electrical service.

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Prepared by Linda Carter, PHEc Public Safety & Education Coordinator, Manitoba Hydro