Explore Manitoba Hydro educational resources on-line

What’s yellow, has four arms, flies and is a popular safety mascot? It’s Louie the Lightning Bug! If you’re looking for some fun activities to do with young students in your home, visit Manitoba Hydro’s website at: hydro.mb.ca/corporate/teachers/. We offer educational resources which introduce energy concepts that support the Manitoba kindergarten to grade 12 education curriculums.

Younger children will enjoy learning about electrical and natural gas safety with the Louie colouring and activity sheets. The Spot the Dangers card series identifies some of the dangers of electricity and natural gas and the importance of playing safely. Older students will find activity books to learn about renewable and non-renewable sources of energy, what electricity is, how hydropower is produced, and how electricity and natural gas travels.

Learning about the history of the electrical industry in Manitoba might be of interest to the historian in your house or a budding architect will be fascinated with information on the energy efficient design and construction of Manitoba Hydro Place. A scientific mind can learn how Manitoba Hydro protects plants, animals and the environment to help maintain healthy and sustainable habitats.

The website also offers some video options about Lake Winnipeg and a series explaining more about transmission and its valuable role in delivering the reliable, affordable energy you count on.
Learn, have fun and like Louie says “Always play it safe!”

Prepared by Linda Carter, PHEc
Manitoba Hydro